Life Is Too Easy for People

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That depends entirely on the young person, some are very challenged and some are not and the way this affects them varies from individual to individual. No doubt some, through no fault of their own are very understimulated and could achieve more with a bit more pressure, some are also overstimulated and might achieve more if the entire world backed off and left them alone for a little bit.

Take for example the young person in the UK who wants to go to university - their path is pretty much mapped out and loans are guaranteed. They can have a pretty easy time of it all the way up to graduation and get by (if they choose) without ever being really stretched in life (although if they leave Chipping Sodbury Technical College with a third class degree in wine tasting and a 50k debt it will catch up with them pretty rapidly).

On the other side of things take the young person who wants to learn a trade, buy a house and raise a family. Apprenticeships are hard to come by and do not offer a living wage while starter house prices in many areas stand at fifteen years of tradesman's wages before tax. This is not an easy start in life by anyone's estimation.

The only thing for certain is that our current state of affairs was largely influenced by the economic and social policies of our forebears which leaves me a little unsure who has the right to moan about the situation even if young people do, broadly speaking, have an easier time nowadays.
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