Life is strange

Topics: Mafia, Boy, Made man Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: May 24, 2014
“Life is strange” (by Fidan Veliyeva)
Once upon a time there was a famous group which was known “LR”. However, nobody knew who they were. It consisted of 4 people who saw how their parents were killed by mafia. It is about one dark night. Carmen was over the moon. Mother was carrying a cake with overjoyed and saying “Happy Birthday Carmen!”. Father joined song. Then the boy blew off candles. When the father gave Carmen his gift, suddenly the door knocked and was broken. 5 people entered the room, took all the family members and put them to sleep.

When Carmen opened his eyes he saw 2 men, who worked in same company with his father, and their families were here too. But why? All of their hands were bound. Totally they were 12 people, whom the mafia got hold of.

The boss of the mafia came to the room and explained: “I warned your boss Mr. Jackson several times, that if he did not help us to carry our narcotic and heroin inside your company’s cars I would kill his workers and even their family. However, he put my leg, now he will see, ha-ha-ha” and he shouted. Meanwhile, Carmen managed to open his hand and helped three boys, who were near him. Fortunately, they were behind the Mafia. Carmen and 3 boy stepped silently, even nobody saw them escaping. They were nearly running 21 km. When Mafia boss turned to boys to shout at them he couldn’t see them, so he ordered his men to find the boys. Disappearance of boys made his blood boil.

Afterwards, boys were hiding .All were afraid. A boy, who was 7 years old, held his brother’s little hand very closely because his brother was just 4 years old. The other boy was crying calling his mother. Carmen said: “They killed our parents, they are wild. Thanks God, you saved us. From now on, we must take revenge on bad people! Barley cried: “But what have our parents done to them?! Why did they kill our parents?! What did they want from our family, my twin sisters?!” Carmen: “Keep calm, once the turn will be ours...
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