Life Is Not Just About Personal Fulfill

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Elisha Reale
February 10, 2014
English Composition I
Life is not just about Personal Fulfillment
Have you ever looked at someone and wished you could be like them? In today’s society, people are so consumed with things. They tend to get jealous and greedy very easily. Personal fulfillment is the idea that in life a person achieves all of their goals and desires. Most people may understand that and think it is a positive thing to have in life. However, personal fulfillment can have some negative aspects on not only the individual but also society. Personal fulfillment can be a bad thing because things cannot satisfy, bad decisions will have consequences, and it can lead to a greedy lifestyle.

First, personal fulfillment can be wrong because things cannot satisfy an individual. People sometimes get the mindset that, if I only had what they had then I would be happy. Although, they are mistaken, some people tend to pretend they are happy, but deep inside they know they are not satisfied with their lifestyle. Reality television plays a huge role in the area of personal fulfillment. They “paint” people a pretty picture, in their mind, of how their life should be. These individuals think they will only be happy if they follow after the celebrities’ life choices and goals. Most of them do not understand that doing that will only make them unhappy and unsatisfied.

Second, personal fulfillment can be harmful because it can cause people to make bad decisions that will lead to consequences. Their bad choices will not only affect them, but also those around them. Personal fulfillment decisions can be harmful because they can cause people to go in debt. People will spend tons of money to have the newest house, car, shoes, and clothes. They make the decisions to buy all these things to still find themselves unhappy and unfulfilled. In life, bad decision will never only hurt the one who made the decision. Decisions to do only what will lead to “personal...
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