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Life Is Not Fair

By gammaphibeta Dec 05, 2013 378 Words
Life Is Not Fair
There seems to be a lot of talk these days about what is fair, and what is not. President Obama seems to believe life should be fair, that “everybody should have a fair shake.” Some of the 99% seem to believe life has treated them unfairly, and some of the 1% percent feel life hasn’t treated them fairly enough. I would probably be one of those 99% people because we all know we have are moments where life just sucks. My questions are these: What is fair? Is life fair? Should life be fair? We clearly have no choice about how we come into this world, we have little choice early in life, but as we grow older choices abound. I have long believed that while we have no control over the beginning of our life, the overwhelming majority of us have the ability to influence the outcomes we attain. Fair is a state of mind, and most often, an unhealthy state of mind. I recognize that throughout life I will continuously develop and learn. I will continue to introspect and question myself. I recognize there is always room for improvement and that I will never be perfect. It would be ridiculous to assert that those who fail over and over again eventually succeed as leaders. Success in any endeavor isn’t a process of simply buying enough lottery tickets. The key that unlocks the door to opportunity is learning. Leaders are constantly learning from their errors and failures. Try, fail, and learn. Try, fail, and learn. Try, fail and learn. That’s the leader mantra. Leaders are learners. You need to learn from your failures as well as your successes and to make it possible for others to do the same. You can say life is unfair all you want but the ones who listen to the people that say get used to it never step up and do something about it. They let life keep treating them unfair and eventually just blame life on all of their problems. So yes I do believe in the saying “Life is not fair: get used to it.” Sometimes we just have to let it roll off are shoulders and say it’s just a part of life.

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