Life Is Never Flat

Topics: Love, If You Have to Ask, Problem solving Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Author: Ahris Fuadatis Sholihah

Life Is Never Flat
You must know a sentence of “Life is never flat” because it is familiar around us. Besides, you can realize that many things making your life up and down by knowing this sentence. It means that your life must be any problem although a thing making your life being wave. However, if there is nothing making your life being wave or colorful, your life is flat and there is no impression. Additionally, it is not only flat but also no color in your life. You can imagine that you go through your life running of the mill, without any problem, and experience evoking your life. Thus, it is clear that you must have complicated problem in your life such as about love and education. First, it is about love. Most of people in this world must have problem of love included you. It means that you have experience of having relationship with a girl or boy. Besides, there is problem in the relationship such as betrayal. You know that being cheated by someone whom you love is very painful in your heart. You must be sad and disappointed in her or him. Besides, you ought never to believe in her or him anymore when she or he explains and tries to solve the problem so that she or he can back to you. You may believe in her or him but not perfectly as before. Moreover, a lot of sweet moments must be in your relationship also such as going anywhere, watching movie in cinema, and having dinner, so you must be happy. Additionally, you are comfortable in her or his side. To conclude it, we have to realize that the sadness caused by being cheated is down feeling, and the happiness caused of togheterness with your couple is up feeling. Therefore, there is wave or rhythm in your love experience. Next, it is about education. Sometimes, there is difficulty and ease of your education. You may get the difficulty in understanding your subject, having limited time for focus on your study caused by many activities in your organization that you do,...
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