Life Is Beautiful

Topics: Family, Thought, Germany Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Guido was a very supportive father and man throughout the entire movie. I personally liked him. He was funny and a playful guy. The way he protected his son and tried so hard to find his wife was very inspirational. Even though he was being silly most of the time, it protected his son’s innocence. The Holocaust wasn’t just something you tell a little boy about, especially since he had to experience it. I think Guido succeeded with his goal of protecting his family. Overall, this movie was alright. I didn’t personally get super attached to it. I really liked Guido’s character along with his wife and child. The way his wife got on the train just to be with her family despite any knowledge of where they were going was very impressive and brave of her to do. Another thing I really liked was how Guido made up a game out of the situation him and his son were in. Because of that very game and the way he tried so hard to keep it going is what saved his son. It must have taken so much courage to hide his son, have him act like a German boy and search for his wife at the same time all without being caught. I honestly don’t really think that could have been possible, considering how strict these camps were. The thought and idea was really interesting to me, though. I’m sure it was attempted by many people. At the very end of the movie, I thought it was very cute how happy Guido’s son was that a tank appeared before him. Also, finding out his mother was still alive made you feel so happy about the movie. Some things I didn’t necessarily like in the movie was how silly Guido was. Don’t get me wrong, it made it really sweet how he acted for his boy but I think it needed a little more seriousness considering it was about the Holocaust. I realize the game Guido made up and his silly personality was to help his son keep a positive outlook but the whole movie makes the Holocaust seem less somber than it actually is. Another thing I didn’t like was how I didn’t expect it to turn...
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