Life Inprisonment

Topics: Prison, Death Penalty, Murder Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Life imprisonment is a better alternative to capital punishment. There are many benefits, opportunities, and chances offered in life imprisonment than there is from Capital Punishment. Life imprisonment is a punishment where criminals who’ve committed extreme crimes are put into prison for a lengthy amount of time. Capital punishment, separate from this is a punishment in which prisoners convicted of committing a “capital crime” are sentenced death. Life imprisonment gives prisoners the opportunity to live a life, the chance to realize their mistakes and make up for it. Often times it gives time for prisoners for redemption. Innocent people serving life imprisonment are capable of being released; where else in capital punishment there is no “getting out” of death. It is also less expensive than capital punishment. Freeing those who are innocent, saving money which could be put towards good use, and giving the wrongdoers the advantage for redemptions are all strong persuasive reasons in which life imprisonment is a better alternative to capital punishment.

Life imprisonment provides the unlawful people with a second chance. It offers the chance for prisoners to redeem themselves. Criminals have up to five- fifteen- twenty or even more years to realize their mistakes so they can come out as a new person who’s learned their lesson. Time in prison makes these unjust prisoners grow from their mistakes. Having to be locked up makes one realize the importance of freedom, this realization will cause prisoners to be filled with regret and guilt because of their past actions. After feeling regret those unjust will change their ways and that is how life imprisonment causes redemption for many. Aside from life imprisonment, there is capital punishment where instead of prisoners being able to obtain themselves, they are immediately killed and labelled. This is no way to solve an issue, to just get rid it, the proper and more humanly way is to deal with the problem or...
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