Life in a Metro

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Life in a metro is a term used for life of people in a metropolitan city. Metropolitan cities are those big cities which have all the modern amenities, good infrastructure and a modern outlook. They are the cities which don’t portray any specific religion or caste; people from all parts of country come to these cities to have a nice rich life-style. Metropolitan cities are the cities which help the country with lot of financial economy. These cities portray the spirit of young, educated and rich country. They have a lot of companies and software parks which earns a lot of money for the country and generate lots and lots of job opportunities for people. Talent is cherished in right spirit in these cities. Metropolitan cities give the country an urban look. The facilities and amenities provided here attract people from all over the country in here.

This results in increase in population of these cities. If there is a sudden increase in population of a certain city it does not get time to accept that change and the planning of city becomes inadequate for the sudden change. The pollution of the city increases due increase in use of vehicles and the atmosphere is ruined. This concern should be taken into consideration when a particular city is growing. The growth of city also hampers its cultural life in some way. This should not happen. The sanity of culture of the city should be maintained so that we remain grounded with our roots when we progress. Life in a metro city looks a bed of roses from outside but in reality people here suffer from lot of stress and tensions. We can control this situation by helping each other and by taking into consideration problems of each person. We should not be aloof from anything, being a part of society it’s our duty to stand strong and be together. Only then can a city progress in real sense

Life in the suburbs VS Life in the inner cityChoosing where to live when you are ready to have a family and build your life can be quit difficult. Usually such a decision is made upon certain situations like the place where you work and your choice of life style. Other secondary factors play a role in decision making such as financial situation, interests and transportation. There are two different places to live the suburbs and the inner city; each one having its unique life style. Both life styles are different in many ways; the suburb is mostly suited for families while the inner city is mostly suited for single working men or women, or students. Life both in the suburbs or the inner city has its own distinguished taste. A private environment reflects the life style of the suburb. Life in the inner city differs as it is not private at all, people live right next to each other, due to lack of place. Sometimes living away from downtown in a quite neighborhood, being away from the noise and traffic is all you need. In the inner city you will be living close to downtown but in

Your children will attend schools nearby in the suburb, either walking distance from your home or the school bus will come and pick them up from the house. Trains are often the most popular way of transportation to downtown; it usually takes thirty to forty five minutes to get downtown sometimes less depending on the area you live in. From the inner city it will take you maybe five to ten minutes by the most using a metro. Living in the inner city you are most of the time renting an apartment or condo, because buying them is quite expensive in those areas. Concluding, I would choose the suburb as a place to live in, because it is a great place to build a life and family. Your kids can go biking to a close park, where they can practice all sorts of sports like tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, and soccer. In suburbs you do not have to worry about parking in front of your house, a store, or shopping mall which is important, while in the inner city you have to worry about the parking...
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