Life in the LGBT Community and the Natural Life

Topics: LGBT, Homosexuality, Human rights Pages: 2 (963 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Viola Green10/23/11
Week-7 Rough Draft

My issue about the life of ( LGBT) gay, bisexual, and transgender community. I do not understand the way it was announced that LGBT have a right to abolish this type of life against God will. I understand that everyone has equal rights, but pasting a legend document is just not the way to get legal paper for a community that want to be standout with this type of problem, to fight about their way of life on earth, their life style has been a much to open. You mean to tell me that their life style to take over society was it that easy, when there are not ready for this type of transition. Where are the rest rooms to distinguish the different between; which restroom to enter, and which restroom not to enter, for this generation of the young children that are growing up in the digital technology life, that do not want to be a part of this nonsense. How will they know the different if it is already o.k by law, how will these children be taught about this new transition of (LGBT) in the schools, and churches, and community news in the life of 2011. During the 1950 there was riots about the blacks using the white people restroom and going to the white people restaurants, why this is not going on as a way to show these LGBT that they cannot get it that easy. When people like me have grandchildren growing up now in this world and things is just being passed by law, and the world is not ready for this transition either, I do not think so, and I am a 53 year old women. Gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT),as if it is ok to talk about and do whatever because of human rights this should had been decided long before this time and the information to show that this is welcomed. It is being push about this easy. I do not agree with such abnotion behavior , from one point I do agree because of people equal rights from another point, if the world was ready for this I will agree , for...
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