Life in Peaceful Los Angeles

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What feelings do you have when you live in Los Angeles? Does your heart yearn for the peace, happiness, and prosperity? Surely it exist. But is it just a dream, or fantasy, to believe these conditions will ever exist in this city. Los Angeles is the city of angels where you can see pigeons flying across the sky. A life in a peaceful world where there are a lot of lovable art and landscapes that makes the city delightful. Nowadays, more and more people are willing to leave their homes and migrate to the city for the reason of recreational activities and the best chance to breathe fresh air from the sparkling sea. Therefore, people from different parts of the world have an enormous expectation in this city and sometimes they have to let it go every little thing just to fulfill their own strong desire for amusement. Los Angeles is the place where I developed my knowledge between good and evil. I believed that living in a city has a number of opportunities that is likely to provide better resources such as a lot of high demand jobs, traffic and security that would help to maintain the city’s strong integrity.

First of all, I was impressed about thousands of jobs that are offered by the city itself. This is why citizens have a high expectation for earning a well-paying job that may have big chance of fulfilling their heart’s dream. However, a lot of educated and skilled dedicated workers who live from a far away place and strive hard in order to attain something from their efforts come to los angeles for that same purpose. People boast that they live in Los angeles for the reason that they can stand to live with the traffic, and they appreciated that they are living in Los Angeles. This city has a better financial stability which can hold the structure of the economy, and it serves the whole community. With a thousand of jobs being offered, it might help to improve the state economy. The view of Los angeles also allows people to enjoy it here, because there is a lot...
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