Life in Nepal

Topics: Nepal, United States, India Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: April 18, 2013
The Struggle in Nepal

People in America always take for granted of what they have, including myself. What we as Americans don’t see is that there is another side of the country that lacks something that we don’t even think about or even appreciate, that something is our freedom to do whatever we please. While a lot of us our complaining about getting new and materialistic things that we want, but don’t need, there are people in the middle east and Africa that are struggling for their life’s. Life could be very hard in America under some poverty issues, but never so frustrating that people lose their rights or don’t even have rights to begin with. In the country of Nepal, life out there is nothing anybody can image. Some American citizens think they are living a life of cruelty, but haven’t seen the true meaning of the word until they have educated themselves.

Life in the third world country of Nepal is unparalleled to industrialized countries. In the country of Nepal, 75-80% of the population are engaged in agriculture, mainly subsistence farming. Many of them don’t even have the chance to decide what they what to do or be they are just forced by the leadership of the Maoists. The working class makes up about 5% of the population. But despite the tiny number, they hold the key to the revolution as they are placed in some of the strategically important parts of the country. Around 10% of the population are involved in service sectors. There is no independent labor movement in Nepal. The trade unions are affiliated to one party or another. The unions are full of bureaucrats and the movement there lacks militancy.

While we sit at home and have the option to relax there are many girls in Nepal that are fighting to survive. In Nepal, women are not allowed to go to school or even get a job they are mostly abused in their homes and a lot of young girls are stolen for trafficking. These Nepali women refer to themselves as “the walking dead.” Most have AIDS or...
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