Life: Hand and Joe

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Totally Joe By James Howe
Things To Know Before I start The Book Review:
The book Totally Joe, starts with Joe writing a letter to a teacher who assigned a alphabiography project. In this letter he writes about how at first he thought the assignment was lame and boring. After he is done talking about that, he tells the teacher Mr. Daly to keep everything in the alphabiography a secret. This shows how much he trusts his teacher. In the first A, his chapter is about his oldest friend, Addie. Him and Addie met when he was four when Joe first moved across the street. The next letter after A, which is B (which stands for boy) is really important because this talks about how he doesn’t act like a “guy-guy ” like his brother Jeff and his dad do and how he does not fit in. Also Joe is going out with Colin Briggs, somebody he had a crush on since fifth grade. Joe is now twelve. Joe describes Colin as: Totally cool

A jock
Really nice,
Even to everybody even if they are not totally cool, a jock, really nice or popular. Popular
Seriously cute
Especially when he smiles.
You might think how does somebody like Joe, end up with somebody like Colin. It all starts when Colin leaves a note in his locker say “I wish I could be more like you.” Joe thinks this is from Bobby’s crush at the time, Kelsey. The Review:

The first important part is when Colin and Joe are at the dance and Kevin (somebody that bullies Joe) and his friend Jimmy (somebody who is popular because he is Kevin’s evil sidekick) go over to them and they start making kissing noises. This makes Colin very uncomfortable. Now i am skipping to H for Halloween, Joe’s second favorite holiday. Colin and Joe go dressed as Bert and Ernie with the gang of five, DuShawn, Kelsey, and her friends. Colin and Joe are walking home with Colin’s sister holding hands with the sister with Joe on one side and Colin on the other. Colin’s sister runs off, and Colin holds hands with Joe for five seconds (Joe’s dream is...
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