Life Goals

Topics: Management, Want, Future Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Some people do not look into their future or plan ahead. Looking at the future and planning ahead will help you complete what you need and help you get where you want to go. I need to make goals for my life so I know where I am, where I am going and what I need to get there. In the next 20 years I would like to become a doctor, go overseas, and buy my own house. My first goal is to become a doctor. In order to get my education to become a doctor I will have to finish high school with really high marks in hopes of getting a scholarship. This will get me to a better university, so I can have better classes and I can learn more. I will also have to plan how I will earn money, and how to save. I will need to know where and how I use it so I can pay for my classes efficiently. After I become a doctor my next goal is to go overseas and practice medicine in countries that need help. This will take a lot of research and planning to decide where people need a doctor most. After I have planned out where I will be going I can save up enough money. The most important thing I need to do, and is often not thought of, is how hard I study and work towards achieving this goal. My final goal is to buy a house when I get back from overseas. So my sister and I can live together away from our parents. Buying a house with today’s market is very expensive. I will have to research and look around before I can find a house that suits us in price as well as in size and style. After we have picked a house we can look at our savings and how much more money it will cost before we can buy the house. In the next 20 years I hope to have completed my goals of becoming a doctor, going overseas and buying my own house. The only way I can succeed in doing all of these things is to plan, budget and stay focused on my studies and dreams. Your goal in life does not have to be just a place you want to go or something you want to do - it can be a dream you want to achieve.
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