Life experiences

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Microsoft Word Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: June 29, 2014
Name: Merle Price-Broderick

Date: 6/27/2014

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Life Event: A significant, but not positive nor uplifting event was the death of my father at the age of nine.

Explanation: He was in the Air Force and I remember watching him walk out of the door, back straight and his head held high. I was in awe of this man and even though I was young, I knew he was doing a good thing for this country. My love for him was phenomenal even at my young age.

Reflection: I remember looking at my mom when I found out and asking her why. Looking back, I was too young to know what the word grieve meant, so all I knew was my dad was never coming back; this was a man that I loved and would miss all my life. To this day, I often wonder what he would be like as a father, grandfather and great grandfather. We were not allowed to go to the funeral because as my grandmother told me, “you and your sisters are too young”. It was not until I was in my twenties that I found out he had committed suicide and when I found out I thought, what the hell? I was angry with my mom for a long time for keeping such an important thing from me. The rest of my sisters knew, but not me. Years later, I asked my mom why I was the last to find and she told me it was because I was his favorite child and she knew how it would affect me.

Life Event: Graduating from high school even though I was told by family members I wouldn’t make it past 10th grade.

Explanation: This was a very significant event in my life because is was one of the proudest days of my life.

Reflection: Walking across the stage to receive my diploma gave me a feeling of success because while I was headed down a path of destruction, I was...
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