Life Decisions

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Life Decisions|
What major decisions have I made that have affected my life| |
Tammy Barros|


1. What was an important decision that you made that had significant effects on your life? An important decision I made that had a significant change in my life was whether to leave Alaska or not. The decision actually took me from mid-summer 2008 until spring 2010 to decide because of the major impact it would have in my life. At one point in time, well several actually, I had pros and cons listed in my journals. 2. What have been the main benefits and disadvantages that you derived from the decision? One of the main benefits would be that I would have easier access to my children and grandchild, getting to know them all over again. The main disadvantage was leaving my land home that I worked for many years to get. I am now a renter in someone else’s house and do not have the same options to build or landscape to my liking. 3. Every decision to do with something is also a decision not to do other things. What did your decision keep you from doing? My decision kept me from keeping a wonderful job that I loved and would have been able to do for the rest of my life. I was also not able to finish my cabin, although I do have someone in it that is finishing the work, it is not to my specifications. 4. Considering both the benefits and disadvantages of the decision, would you say that you made a good decision? I do believe I made a good decision because of the rest of the situation I was dealing with. At this point in time I have gotten a new life partner with wonderful children which is something I did not have in Alaska, nor thought I would ever have. 5. Thinking critically about the approach you used to make the decision, what alternative approaches might you have used to make it? Could these alternatives have produced a different decision? How? I finalized my decision based on...

References: Feldman, R. S. (2011). POWER learning and your life: Essentials of student success. New York, NY: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc
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