Life Death and Property Rights

Topics: Africa, AIDS, HIV Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: November 27, 2006
Case Discussion

Life, Death and property Rights

Why do most African patients not receive adequate treatments for HIV and AIDS?

There are several reasons for the lack of treatment in Africa, a worse infrastructure as well as corruption or the lack of information about the disease. One of the main reasons for the inadequate treatments of HIV and AIDS is the weak infrastructure that Africa has. The health care system in many African countries is extremely small. Doctors are very scarce and therefore patient will only get a basic care at most. The fact that distribution systems for the drugs as well as storage facilities are not given, makes the treatment even harder. Another problem is the corruption in the African countries. Although there are a lot of funds for treatments and for the development of a better health care system, there is little to no money spent in an effective way. A study of the World Bank showed that with 100 dollars spent by the government on drugs only 12 dollars worth of medicine reached the patient (Bartlett& Spar, 2003). Due to the fact that treatment for AIDS and HIV is extremely expensive, ranking from ten thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars per year for one patient (Bartlett& Spar, 2003), it is impossible for an average African patient to pay the drugs. In order to use these drugs in a proper way the advice and help of a doctor is needed, which is not available due to the weak health care system. Moreover there is a social stigma so that governments are turning there heads away and try to ignore the problem, which makes it even harder to help the patients. The reason for the infection rates within these countries is the lack of information about the disease. Only few people really know how dangerous the virus is and how it transfers.

Why is it so important to protect property rights for pharmaceuticals?

The Pharmacy industry is very dependent on its patents. Since the development of a single drugs can take years...
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