Life Coaching
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Question 1
Write a brief summary of how you would prepare yourself and the environment for a life coaching session before the meeting.

In order to prepare for a life coaching session the coach would make use of a notebook or having paper to hand and diary such that any ideas, plans, subjects and exercises that arise, can be discussed. This is to ensure that what is written down are ‘facts’. The use of having a diary can also be easier to set deadlines and ensure that no double bookings have taken place. Furthermore, taking at least 20 – 30mins prior to the session can be beneficial as this will give you time to relax and gather your thoughts together. Deep breathing exercises, quiet meditation and positive thinking are also useful tools. Spending time reading notes from past sessions and making notes can be useful if this is to be discussed at the next meeting. Any telephone conversations can be jotted down and used also. This enables the coach to accelerate the process of change.

The Environment is important and should be where the sessions are quiet e.g. private room and free from distractions. A room that is comfortable with regards to seating and where it is feasible to write. Freedom of speaking is also important and should be where the coach and client would not be overheard in any way by others, as this is the coaches and client’s private time.

Communicating with others that you should not be disturbed and discussing this previously allows you time to work around your schedule and work out the best possible time for your coaching sessions. Further practical steps can be to turn off the mobile, not answer the door if someone should pass by and eat well before the meeting.

Question 2

In your own words write a paragraph on the difference between ‘hearing’ and active listening’. Within this write about why effective listening is important to life coaching.

The difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘active listening’ is that hearing can be

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