Life Changing Journeys: The Sky is Gray, Blue Winds Dancing, and the Hammon and the Beans

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Learning Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: May 2, 2005
Life Changing Journeys: "The Sky is Gray", "Blue Winds
Dancing" and "The Hammon and the Beans"

In the three short stories that we have read, the main
characters take life-changing journeys. As we continue
to read about these stories we find James in The Sky is
Gray, the Native American from Blue Winds Dancing and
Chonita in the Hammon and the Beans have traveled three
separate roads, allowing us to view their journeys in
three different ways. James in "The Sky is Gray" shows a
black male growing up in a home without a father figure
present learns the life lesson of poverty yet proud. The
Native American in "Blue Winds Dancing" deals with
belonging to the Native American world and the "white
man's world" while truly identifying himself. Chonita in
the "Hammon and the Beans" deals with poverty and other
aspects of her life.

James in "The Sky is Gray" deals with growing up as a
black male in the South. James takes a trip to town,
along with his mother, to the dentist. There he learns
that not everyone are treated the same because of the
color of their skin and the money in there pocket. When
told they would have to wait until the doctor can see
James they leave to get something to eat. Learning
nothing is given for free, James sees he has to work
twice as hard as most to achieve a smaller benefit.

The Native American in "Blue Winds Dancing" faces a
journey on life that touches him personally. He attends
college in the "white man's world" where he is taught
about his cultural. However, he reflects about "the
land which is my home" he travels back there. He
remembers how beautiful the trees look as he describe
"there is always beauty in order". The closer he gets
to his lodge he wonders what will his family think of
him. Would they not like me because I have lived in the
"white man's world"? Nevertheless, he discovers that his
family welcomes him and are happy.

Chonita in "The Hammon and the Beans" and her Mexican...
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