Life Changing Experience

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My Life Changing Experience
I was born in Mexico City on May 10th, 1994. I lived in Mexico City for eleven years, until one day my parents made a great decision that evolved my life in an enormous way, moving to McAllen. Incipiently, it was really distressing for me to leave my family and friends behind, and I anticipated it was going to be horrible to live in the valley, nevertheless I must admit it was not as bad, it was hard for me to live in such small burg, specially since I grew up in a big city. Fortunately I got used to the city and its people. I attended elementary at Hinojosa Elementary, I can perfectly remember I was very nervous on my first day of school in McAllen, because for the time being, I did not know how to speak English at all, and I thought I would not understand anything my fellow classmates and teachers said. I assumed I was coming to a town where it would be all white people, but I was so wrong, It turned out to be that McAllen was replete with Mexicans just like me, which made me confident at the time, and helped me worry less about my lack of knowledge of the English language. During my first year in elementary school, my classes were bilingual. As the year passed, I efficiently learned to read, write, and speak English; I was delighted. Moving to Texas changed my life in a humongous positive way, it took me a while to figure that out and admit, since I had a very negative attitude towards the idea of leaving my hometown behind. Eight years ago everything seemed like a "nightmare" but that nightmare turned out to be the best decision ever. In the beginning I went through unpleasant things, however it has helped me grow greatly as a person, this has been a remarkable experience.
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