Life Changing Events

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In this essay you had the option to choose a life event that has changed you. But I chose to give a list of events that has made me who I am instead of just one event that changed a little part about me. This essay will show what has happened in my life for me to be the way I am to this day. This is me.

First of all there was my grade seven camp. Although I have an unclear recollection of the camp I still remember the important bits. One thing which I know for sure is that I never really wanted to go on the camp. The school teachers and my parents had to force me to go. Two days before the camp started I decided to go. The big reason why I didn’t want to go was because I was very shy and didn’t like making friends and I thought that maybe I will be the only one in the group exercises. When we arrived at the camp most other kids were very friendly and it wasn’t until a while after that I found out that everybody wanted to be friends with me. I was happy and lead all the group activities with the other members in my group. The grade 7 camp has changed me because I was a shy and insecure boy and when I came back I was confident and had many new friends

There have also been religious influences in my life which has made me a better person. I grew up in a strong Catholic family and a lot of beliefs and thoughts have been told to me. A specific change came two years ago when I was invited by good friend of mines youth. The Friday evening when I attended wasn’t an ordinary evening it was a youth event and they had a whole special program for the youth. I went to the event just because my friend asked me to and not because I wanted to but I went along to show my support. Things at the event were said which definitely meant that I would have to change my lifestyle. And since that evening I have had the mindset to try my hardest to always do the right thing. Which I still believe that I am doing until this day.

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