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There have been many events that have made impacts in my life, but the birth of my younger brother, Jonathan, was the most life changing. My family rushed to the hospital when my mother knew she was about to have my little brother. We waited eagerly in the hospital picturing what he would look like. Once we got news that the delivery was safe and we could go into the room to see my mom and newborn brother, my smile grew from cheek to cheek. I knew, at that moment, that my life would never be the same.

First of all, I knew that having a new person around the house was going to make my life more difficult; I was correct. I became the “go to” person for every chore or plead for assistance that one could think of. Not only did I gain an extended list of chores, but I also had to share all of my things and for a nine year old, that was the hardest thing in the world; I wanted all of my things to myself. As Jonathon got older, I was unwillingly forced to let him play with my new toys and video games. I got used to that stipulation, but the thing I struggled with the most was having to share my quality time with my parents, with Jonathan. My mom was always consumed with tasks surrounding my brother, whether is be potty training him, playing with him, or putting him down for a nap. My father, too, was focused on my brother, but not in the same way as my mom. He was always worrying about financial issues and trying to make sure there was enough money to provide for our family. Young children are expensive, and he was no exception. Occupying myself quickly became habit and it taught me to be self-reliant. I was old enough to make my own food and do many things for myself; I did not want to do these things, but I did them anyways to take stress off of my mom. I grew up to be self-sufficient and independent and still maintain a drive for success.

Young children are easily influenced and tend to look up to their older siblings for advice and guidance. Since...
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