Life changes

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Looking Towards the Future

Looking Towards the Future
The purpose of this assignment is to look into my future and come up with achievable goals to be successful in my career, personal and academic endeavors. I will prove my goals can be achieved by evaluating my Big Five results, my Holland Personality Self-Assessment and by using the SMART goals process. It will prove that as long as I have an accountability plan and the time management skills needed, I will be able to achieve my ultimate future goals. My Goals and SMART goals Combined

My personal goal is to use my time management skills to keep my home and families organized and succeed in life. Organization was one of my higher scores in the Big 5 test. I need to keep making this personal goal. Keeping organized will keep my goal setting in my personal life easier. To achieve this goal I will use time management to make a schedule of all my classes, my children’s classes, along with juggling work and babysitting. I have a very busy life and setting this goal will work in all areas of my life.

My academic goal is to finish my Bachelors Degree in Human Services. My future career depends on my completion of this degree. In as little as 2 years I will complete my online college degree and be able to confront my ultimate challenges of becoming a successful Social worker for disabled children. This goal is achievable according to the SMART goals process and the personality traits I have.

My career goal goes hand in hand with my academic goal. I have to finish my degree in order for my professional and career goal to be achievable. I want to work in the Human Services Field. I would like to work with disabled children and help them achieve their own goals in life. This will be a long road but will be worth it in the end. I do have the support of my family, friends, co-workers, and academic advisors. With all this support I can achieve...
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