Life Beyond Earth

Topics: Solar System, Sun, Planet Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: September 11, 2011
Just imagine being a astronaut and seeing something in the distance, and you go closer to see what it is and it is coming closer to you, and then you are face to face with it and... Good morning honorable, Judges, Teachers, Students, and Guests. I am going to tell you about “life beyond earth”. And ways that prove it exist, by finding evidence through the internet.

Mars was once warmer many, many years ago. The planet was warmer and wetter than it is today. There was also evidence of dried river beds. Mars began billions of years ago when it was warm and wet. Today the surface is too cold and dry to support life. Scientists think that there might be ice under the surface. Life was once on Mars, but now there is no longer life on Mars.

Years, and years ago I believe pyramids were built by aliens. I know what your thinking, “how could this be”? Well once you think about it Man would be unable to build these huge this pyramids 7,000 years ago. Materials were found in so many different places, Egyptians would never be able to find those materials back then. Scientists study more and more about it. They think some sort of alien species built the pyramids. Man would not be able to build them because they did not have the intelligence aliens had. I believe aliens species contributed to building the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Not many people know about Planet X, but I do. Planet X is the tenth planet in our solar system . Planet X is going to be closest to the earth in December 2012. The planet is mentioned in ancient Summerian text. Scientists think there used to be life forms on Planet X. There isn’t much information on Planet X, but scientist are still discovering, and researching information about this unknown planet.

Life beyond earth is a extraordinary thing, that has made scientist all over the world study this fascinating topic. I have told you about how Mars was once warmer, how aliens built the pyramids, and how Planet X is...
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