Life as a Teen

Topics: Adolescence, Sexual intercourse, Young adult Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: May 7, 2013

All over the world, teens deal with substance abuse, neglet, and abuse, for me I dealt with mental abuse from myself. Everywhere I went I seen beautiful girls with cars, clothes, money and etc. With today's Society this is what young boys where only interested in. They go for the girl with the money and best "sex" I know that sounds out of pocket but yes, it's true since my 9th grade year I couldn't help but notice that Teen relationships where only based upon Sex and Rep. Boys would brag about having the badest chick that rocks the latest styles this type of label always made me less-confindence. I wasn't insecure when it came to looks and clothes i was more concerned about finding a friend who cares about my mindset and where I see myself going on Earth.The hardest part about being a teen ager is finding out who we are. We know where we came from but not as a person. Some of us have fallen into Society to where we live up to what we seen on T.V. and internet.

It's not evryday you meet a Teen-Ager who is comfrontable in their own skin. We live in a world where Teens rather be followers than D.A.R.E. Girls look up to sex slaves and strippers while boys look up to rappers and drug dealers. These type of role models come from low self-esteem. For a female having low self-esteem leads to various danger zones as far as death and sex. Women who have low self-esteem look for sex because they feel as if their personality will not get them a man so they use sex and drugs. Impressing a teen-age boy is like training a dog, we have to learn our do's and dont's and how to keep a guy interested not only in your looks but your mind personality which personally is the hardest thing; being a teen we don't know what we need in life just yet so we go off our wants which leads us into disapointment later on. Research proves 9 out of 10 teens have watched porn. As parents it's important to search your childs phone and social networks.

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