Life as a single parent

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Assignment 3.1
The life of a single parent

The life as a single parent
Being a single parent this day and time is a life changing experience, but it’s never easy. Through this experience of being a single mother I have learned one major thing. It’s not about me anymore. Everyone doesn’t get the picket fence life with Mr. Fix it or Ms. Soccer mom. I am responsible for two little boys until they reach adulthood. I have come to understand that though I am the adult, but the child is the real boss. You have to cater to their needs. There are parents alone raising children. It is happening everyday like an epidemic. The first challenge about being a single parent is the job market. Most employers don’t care if you have a child or not. Employers don’t care if little Billie broke his leg. They want to know can you adhere to their policies and give their company 100%. School plays or doctors appointments might have to be missed because your job might be in jeopardy. Some employers are very reluctant to hire single parents. Few companies are empathetic to the fact that with this economy the working single parent might be their only choice. The second factor for the single parent is raising different genders. When mom or dad is missing someone has to be both parents. Natural parenting roles are the nurturing mom and the stern father. That is a very difficult position for one person. A woman can raise a man, but only a man can show him how to be a man and vice versa. A man can’t relate to a girl going though her menstrual cycle. A woman can’t understand what it feels like for a boy to go through puberty. The third factor for the single parent is the other parent. Sometimes the other parent is good to have in the child’s life. That other parent will be there and sacrifice for their child. Then there is the other parent that is not in the picture. Those cases come from the parent being deceased, negligent, absent, mentally...
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