Life as a Single Child and Life with Siblings

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Life as a Single Child and Life with Siblings
One day, my friend and I are chatting in the café during the tea time. We chat about the differences between being a single child and being a child with siblings. I am the child with siblings and I am the second daughter in my house. I have an elder sister and also a younger sister, so in our house, we are all girls. In the opposite, my friend is the single child of her family. After we share our experience of being a single child or child with siblings, we had made up some points to compare the differences of life as a single child and life with siblings.

First of all, there had an obvious difference in their characteristic between a single child and child with siblings. Most of the single child is more independent because they have to do everything by themselves since they are young. They did not have a close sibling to help with, so they have to be independent to finish everything. While, the child with siblings is more dependence because they can have an elder sister or brother to cooperate with and also can lead them to do everything. They did not need to worry about being wrong, because they have an accompaniment to stay along. Besides, the personalities of both children are also different. The personality of single child is more confidence. They can talk in front of everyone steadily and confidently. But, the child with siblings couldn’t. They are more timid and lack of confidence in front of everyone. But still, after being trained or experienced for a few time, they can still stand on the stage confidently. On the other hand, single child is harder to cooperate with each other as a group. They always have their own opinion and thought but hard to accept others thought. However, child with siblings can be more easily to work with each other. They can accept rejected of their idea by their group members and also easy to agree with others thought. Furthermore, there are also differences between single child...
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