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Life as Ancient Greek

Topics: Ancient Greece, Greece, Renaissance, Alexander the Great, Italy, Greek alphabet / Pages: 2 (498 words) / Published: May 6th, 2013
Life as an Ancient Greek

Have you ever wondered what life was like in early Greece? If you compare life in early Greece to life in the Twenty First Century, you may be surprised at the similarities, as well as differences. Well, in the next few paragraphs, I will explain to you just how different the life in Ancient Greece was from today. I will explore an organized society with primitive construction ideas to amazing mythology beliefs. First, there are several differences in the way their homes were built. Most homes during the Golden Age of Greece were poorly constructed with basic principles. Most of these houses only had one entrance. Also, the men and women lived in separate quarters. The women lived in what was called “Gynaikeon”; the men lived in what was called an “Andron” (Janus, Page 1). Even though there are differences between the construction of modern houses and ancient houses there are also other contrasts between the lifestyles of modern people, and the lives of Ancient Greeks. Another difference between ancient lives and modern lives is how their society is organized. One example of this is their idea of trade. “If I offered you a jar of olive oil for my spear that I so feverishly needed, and if you considered this a fair trade then the both of would benefit from this reciprocal transaction” (Arkwright, Eichenbaub, and Ramsey Page 2). This kind of exchange was called reciprocity. Another difference in how people lived was the way in which they spoke. These are just some of the many differences in how the Ancient Greeks society was organized. People living today: however, there is one more major difference between ancient society and modern society. The Religion in Ancient Greek is very different from the religion in the twenty first century. One main difference is that they believed in many gods and goddesses. “Ancient Greek theology was based on polytheism that is, the assumption that there were many gods and goddesses.” (Christopher, Page. 1). Another difference is that the Greeks believed in a place called the “underworld”. This where people went when they died and if the person who died didn’t have a funeral then the spirit of the deceased would be a ghost forever. Another difference is that Greeks had ceremonies honoring different gods where they would make animal sacrifices and eat the flesh and offer the animal to the gods. In all, the religion of the Ancient Greeks was very different from the religions of the twenty first century. In summary, Ancient Greek life was much more diverse than the modern day life. Men and Women of today share their living space and have more than one escape route. Reciprocity today is more complex. It is a challenge to trade for the value of simple items, when the definition of value today can have more than one meaning. Religion in Ancient Greece seems more bizarre with the presence of many gods and goddesses.

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