Life and Seasons

Topics: Winter, Developmental psychology, Human Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Lifetime is a natural cycle, we are born, we grow up and die. It can be compared to four seasons of nature; spring, summer, winter and autumn.

Spring is described as very short and happy. This season is the first stage of the year and it’s compared to the first period of our lives: childhood. In that time everything is beautiful and “lusty”. Spring is a new beginning; a time for new growth and development. During this stage great ideas and goals are born; filled with excitement and enthusiasm. During the summer energies are high with all the plant’s new growth, as with our own growth and development. It is the time to take on new learning, training and personal development. We have had some experience and we are able to think about what we did in our childhood. This is the so called maturity age. The down times in our lives are the winters of our personal growth. It is the time to review our progress; what we have achieved with our development, a time for reflection. It becomes an ideal opportunity to consider our future plans. In this stage human beings are mature; their tiredness is reflected in their acts. This period allow us to review our learning and development that has taken place, a time for any changes to take effect. When the autumn season arrives we experience a period of losing the leaves. This season is referred to death of a human being. Death just happens once, it is everybody’s destiny and nobody can run away from it.
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