Life Alert

Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Menopause Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: December 3, 2005
This is in a T.V commercial on channel WB 18. The makers claim that this is the first and only "diet pill" specifically developed to help menopausal and pre-menopausal women lose weight. They have a middle aged pretty much attractive women doing the commercial and they give you the number and all of that good stuff. The funny part about this commercial is, in really tiny letters at the top; it reads: "Use in conjunction with ANY sensible diet and exercise program. I even had to strain to read it from about 4 foot away. I do not see how older people who have trouble reading could read this. And also it is actually a good thing about the product, I would think that would want to advertise a little more. Also, the makers and the commercial does not even tell you the price that is a good technique cause then you already have people drawn in before they tell them how much they are going to have to spend to lose some weight.

Liberty Medical
The first part of the commercial is a blue screen that reads: An important message from Liberty and Delta Burke. They are offering diabetes testing supply and medicine that will probably be covered by Medicare. Also, by ordering these things they will not have to drive to pick them up, they will be delivered to the front door of their homes. This is always good less wrecks! They provide the number and no prices.

This is a device that can be worn like a necklace. It is designed for older people who want to live alone. Incase of emergency like a heart attack or something like that, they can push the bottom and it notifies 911 and I believe they send an ambulance right away. They give the number for a free brochure and no price yet again.
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