Life After Graduation

Topics: Customer service, Question, Interview Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: April 26, 2006
Life after graduation can be an emotional rollercoaster for an aspiring careerist. The joy of getting the interview and the agony of receiving a rejection letter shortly after. One company in particular preys on college graduates. However, with out customer service experience the chances of getting hired are slim to none. The interviewing process for this cellular phone service provider is tedious to say the least. The method used is referred to as the STAR Method which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. This is basically a bunch of questions asking the interviewee to "name a time when you had to'' or ''give me an example of a time"..etc. The first interview consists of a pre-screening phone interview that last about five minutes. If a candidate successfully completes the phone screening interview, it will be followed up with a second phone interview. The next step to getting hired is getting an appointment to take a computerized test. The results of the test are revealed before leaving the site. If it has been passed successfully, a human resources representative will schedule an actual interview. This fourth interview basically consists of a supervisor reading an 8 or 9 page list of STAR Method questions that are unbelievably repetitive. Surprisingly this is not the final interview. There is a final phone interview where a HR person asks you the same exact questions. Many have made it to this fifth interview only to find out that they did not have enough customer service experience for the position. This is what Recent graduates go through on an ordinary basis until they find that one employer that is willing to give a person with enough perseverance to make it through college, an opportunity to gain experience and prove themselves professionally. After all that is the whole purpose of a degree.
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