Life Action Plan

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Life Action Plan

1. Identify an area that you feel needs to be improved.
An area that needs the most improvement is how I mange my time and setting my priorities in order. I find it very hard to manage and divide my time between work, school, and home.

2. Consider selecting an area that will provide the greatest opportunity for growth or an area that can make the biggest impact on your success. My experience in a classroom will make the biggest impact on my success. Having the expericne in a classroom will help me be able to get into a school after graduation faster than not having any experience.

My life role – Identify your life plan role (this may be you as a student or professional). My life plan role is to become an elementary school teacher in a public school system in my hometown.

My long-term goals in this role – Identify one outcome you plan to achieve within the next 2 to 10 years in this role. 1. Graduate with my B.A in Early Education
2. Pass my General Knowledge exam for Education
3. Become an Elementary School teacher
My short term goals in this role – These are outcomes you plan to achieve in 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. Each one should bring you closer to achieving your long term goals. 1. Pass my course with a passing grade for my next 2 classes. 2. Receive my Montessori Certification.

3. Summer Internship at my local Elementary School
4. Pass this Coarse with a C
General goals: Take one long-term goal you have listed above and complete the following information: Identify your goal.
Grduate with my B.A in Early Education.
Identify benefits from reaching the goal.
The benefit of reaching this goal is I will be gaining a better life and career. I will be able to provide a better life for my family and I by complete my degree.

Describe obstacles and mountains to climb to reach this goal. 1. Managing my time between work, school and home life.
2. Having financial complications through the year giving me less time...
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