Topics: Democratic Party, United States, Revolution Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: January 12, 2014
(1) In what ways did the development in transportation bring about economic and social change in the United States in the period 1820-1860? During the periods of 1826 through 1860, United States saw a dramatic economic and social change due to the development in transportation such as the railroad and the steamship. A major difference that caused a change in transportation was the railroad. The transcontinental railroad wasn’t completed until 1869, but it was expanding exponentially. Trade became a no longer isolated industry. A person could produce goods that would be used all over the country. For the new transportation method, towns did not have to be established near waterways. The steamship was invented much earlier, so it didn’t change much at the time, but it was prevalent. The steamship allowed boats to achieve going upstream, which certainly revolutionized trade. (2) How did the transportation revolution thwart Jefferson’s vision of an agrarian republic? As the progression of the United States emerged through the Transportation Revolution, Jefferson’s vision of an agrarian republic thwarted, as it began to create mass production rather than the agrarian society. In Jefferson’s vision of the United States, the vast majority of people would live on small farms where they can be independent. They would have made or grown everything they needed, in order to not rely on anyone else. He believed that a farmer had a natural connection with land and felt that farm management was best in the hands of the small holder. Transportation thwarted his vision as it helped people to travel in from the country to work in the city. In order for an agrarian republic to function, all land must be used for farming. In this case, new transportation such as railroads thwarted his vision. (3) In what ways and to what extent was industrial development 1800-1860 a factor in the economic and political relationship between the northern and southern states? In the...
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