Life’s an Adventure

Topics: Meaning of life, Mind, Life Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Life’s an adventure
Even though, no matter how many attempts one can truly grasp. The actual philosophy of life should not be something that people want to find the meaning of but merely an adventure full of surprises. For centuries there has been countless attempts at trying to prove the reasoning of life but have lacked the main component, reality. I think that having an explanation for occurrences in life help people cope with the reality and actuality of it all together. Many people were made famous by their quotes they used to express their perception of life. It is easy to take a quote and relate it to something that has occurred to oneself. But can that quote always be proven true? Or can you find a fault in the text? Everyday we wake up, with dreams still so fresh in our minds and get ready for the adventurous journey everyday keeps for us. We prepare to face our predicted assumptions of events during our day, but when something extra ordinary, unexpected and happens, it leaves behind a memory which stays in our mind for a never ending period of time. But sometimes life is not easy as well. We all have something to walk upon. It may be a rough and rocky road but in this time of our life, we begin to see our own capabilities. The capabilities that we never thought we had. In each day we live, it is certain that we never know what's going to happen. Through it all, we yearn for the best in life. It could be tough and devastating knowing that you can't have that happiness easily. We can make our life meaningful, add vibrant colors to it, drive more satisfaction from life. All this is only possible if we are interested in doing something which is really useful, have some honest purpose, is actually required. We have enough motivation besides us, when we have imaginations and dreams of reaching somewhere, doing something in life. Most of us are always busy in pursuing our personal goals, family matters, career, jobs and wealth creation, our modern lifestyle...
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