Lies of Silence

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Lies of silence
Moore, Brian

Chapter 1
Michael Dillon is the manager of the Clarence Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is preparing the arrangements for the day - the graduation week and an Orange Order congress. Later Dillon phones his mistress, Andrea, because he wants to take a walk with her. He picks her up and they take a romantic walk in the Lover's lane. They talk about their past history, moving to London, Dillon's up-coming divorce and the first time Dillon met Moira and Andrea. He drives Andrea back to her apartment and then he drives home to Moira. When he walks up the entryway he notices that his cat is gone, but he does not pay further attention to it. Moira is awake when Dillon comes home. She is together with her friend Peg Wilton. Dillon drives Peg home, and they talk about Peg offering Moira a job in her shop. When he comes home he sees the dead cat lying on the ground, but he does not tell Moira because he has something else to tell her - he is planning to tell Moira about his mistress and that he wants a divorce. As he steps in the phone rings. He picks it up and hears Peg´s voice saying: "Remember, don't say anything. Be surprised" Moira tells Dillon that she suffers from bulimia and asks him to go to bed. But Dillon says that he has got some bills to pay. When he sits in his study, he sees a white car parked across the street. In the car there are two persons - a boy and a girl. The boy turns his head toward Dillon's window and Dillon walks away from the window and into the bedroom. Moira and Dillon talk about Moira working in Peg's shop. Dillon is having difficulties telling Moira about them getting divorced, and in the end Moira says: "Don't leave me. Please?" She moves across the bed and spoons into his back. Dillon gives her a kiss, a traitor´s kiss, and tells her to go to sleep. Chapter 2

Dillon cannot sleep, so he gets up. He looks down at the garden and sees that the white Ford is still parked in his entryway. He sees two men coming into his garden, so he goes downstairs to reach the telephone, but two men break into the house, and stop him. They are wearing masks and gloves, and they are pointing a revolver at Dillon. The men tell him that they are from the IRA. They order him to go upstairs and wake up his wife, and tell him that they both have to get dressed. Moira begins to put on her make up. They are led downstairs into the sitting-room where they are placed in the sofa by the gunmen. One of the gunmen tells them that they are going to be in the house until the morning, and if they try to escape or trick them, they will be hurt. One of the gunmen looks at Moira in a sexual way, and Moira begins to argue with him, and therefore Dillon gets upset, and tries to defend her. Dillon is pushed back down on the sofa, with a gun poked in his chest. The gunman shouts at him in a high-pitched voice, which makes Dillon realise that they are only youngsters. Maybe that is why they call each other "Volunteer". Dillon and Moira discuss what the IRA men are going to do with them, and Dillon says that if they just do what they are told, they will not be hurt, and the fat guy says that Dillon is right. Moira starts to weep, and Dillon considers whether he will ever be able to leave her after this incidence, and he realises, that he has never really loved her. Moira says that she has to go to the toilet, and while she is in the bathroom, she escapes through the window. When Kev discovers that she is not in there anymore, he climbs out of the window on to the roof, and catches her. Moira screams, but there is no sign of anybody in the neighbourhood. When they return to the house Dillon says to Kev that he has to leave Moira alone, and Kev gets scared because Dillon knows his name. When Kev wants to smoke, he lifts up his mask, but he makes sure that he is standing with his back to Dillon and Moira. Unfortunately for Kev Dillon sees him in the mirror, and he realises that Kev's chin is...
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