Lies Are Part Of Everyday Life

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Topic: Do you believe what Dr. Paulo says? “Lies are a part of everyday life?” Why or why not? “Lies are a part of everyday life.” What Dr. Paulo says seems horrible but it’s true. People tell lies for different purposes. Doctors lie to their dying patients to make them feel better; politicians lie to their citizens to get support; employees lie to their bosses to get good impression so they can be promoted. Whether it’s good or evil, lies never stopped. Sometimes, lies are heart breaking. You know it’s hateful but you can hardly blame on it. I watched the popular TV drama “Breaking bad” recently. The chemistry teacher Mr. White, after diagnosed with lung cancer, he cook drug and make enough money to make sure his wife and his children have a comfortable life without him. He lied to his family, lied to his brother in law who is a policeman of DEA. I have complex feelings towards this figure because he is obviously a big liar, he is doing wrong thing but in good will. Sometimes, lies make you feel guilty but there seems no better choice. For example, I lied to the bank officers that I have a flight to catch so I don’t have time to queue up the long line. I clearly understood if I don’t tell them a lie, I will waste my whole morning to wait in the bank and doing nothing. If I don’t tell them a lie, then I have to tell my boss a bigger lie why I was absent the whole morning. I tell lies to my family that I cleaned the house, that I went to see the doctor for the small diseases, that I did physical exercises every day. I don’t want them to complain on me repeatedly that I didn’t take good care of myself. I want them like me. I don’t want them to feel disappointed about me. Sometimes, people lie to others for their own benefits only and that should be condemned. Jinghua newspaper from China recently reporting that some kindergarten in XiAn city asked the kids to take a kind of anti-virus drug called “AOBO”, they did it without noticing all...
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