Lie and Honorable Thing

Topics: Lie, Tooth fairy, Marriage Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: May 4, 2013
When asked if cheating is wrong the obvious answer would be of course. But as I've grown older the answer is not always black and white. For example, lying to a child that the world is a beautiful place will not be considered wrong to many who have children. Sometimes cheating is done to protect the innocent. Most of the time, however, cheating harms someone else physically or emotionally. In this case, cheating is almost always wrong. Cheating to attain academic or career pursuits is not always honorable, but is sometimes necessary in an unjust system.

When we think of children, we think of innocence and purity. Untainted by realities of life. We tell them stories of fairy tales and princesses. We take them to see Santa during Christmas and leave a prize underneath their pillows letting them know that the tooth fairy exists. No parent would say this is cheating even when it's a white lie. Recently the Newtown shootings have left children to ask their parents what happened to their classmates. At such a young age, some do not understand the concept of death. Instead, we just tell them that their classmates are in a better place now. This re-assures them that the world is not a malicious place.

Another form of cheating that is fairly common in U.S. culture is infidelity. With recent allegations of the Governor of California cheating on his wife with the housekeeper it's no surprise that divorce in America is amongst the highest. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most harmful types of cheating. It ruins marriages and leaves children growing up with broken families.

Cheating to attain a personal or professional goal is wrong most the time. Lance Armstrong is a prime example of this form of cheating. Using medication to enhance his cycling performance is clearly wrong when so many other cyclists have no such advantage. I say this with caution because an individual is sometimes pushed into an environment where the authorities are unreliable to be honest and...
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