Library System

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Chapter I


A library is a collection of information, sources and services, organized for use, and maintained by a public body, an institution, or a private individual. In the more traditional sense, it means a collection of books. This collection and services are used by people who choose not to- or cannot afford to – purchase an extensive collection themselves, who need material no individual can reasonably be expected to have or who require professional assistance with their research.

The researcher found out that here in St. Anthony Parish School needs to have an Online Library Log in System for the benefits as well as for the advantage not only to the student assistants but our school library.

Since technology is fast changing, we need to be advance and competitive, on criteria of a spirited and strong- willed school is having an Online Library Log in System, so that the student assistants and the library in- charge can easily get the time and the total number of student going in and out of the school library.

1.2Statement of the Problem

The researcher wants to have an easiest and computerized way in entering library at St. Anthony Parish School. These are the following problems that we found in their existing manual entrance at the library.

Manual log-in/ log-out.
Manual counting during inventory or survey.
The manual system cannot keep the previous data.
Time to generate report.
No assurance if they got the exact numbers of users during survey.

As a researcher we choose this problem for us to help St. Anthony Parish School library. We observed that they are using manually log- in when entering in the library, manual counting all students and faculties who entered in the library, there are also some tendencies of losing some data as well as it is time consuming. We propose that “Online Library Log- in System” can help them to solve their problems. Its help them to make their work easier and faster.

1.3Objectives of the Study

The researchers aim to help and develop the manual system of the library entrance that will contribute to the following:

Monitor the accessibility of the student and visitor in the library •Easy to retrieve the previous data.
Easy to count during survey.
Convenience for the user.
To secure library’s facilities against abuser.
Less time and effort in the in- charge or student assistant in library entrance. •Provides more accurate log-in and log- out process through computer-based program

1.4Significance of the Study

This study will help for the improvement at the library entrance. The outcome of this study may help the future researcher and students in St. Anthony Parish School, to make them comfortable and satisfied. This study may serve as influence to the future researchers who want to improve and study the same problem. Or to find other topics but then the same aimed/ objectives to make their work easy and comfortable.

1.5Scope and Limitation

This study was limited only on the Computer Based Library Entry System which offered to all students, faculty members and visitors once they entered of the Institution’s Library or in St. Anthony Parish School Library.

Computer Based Library Entry System has the Following features:

Computerized Time-In and Time-Out of users using database. •Generate and prints data report.
Study is focused on making the recording more simple, reducing human error, and more accurate, secured, and updated daily time record.

1.6Definition of Terms

User In a computing context refers to one who uses a computer system. Users may need to identify themselves for the purposes of accounting, security, logging and resource management. In order to identify oneself, a user has an account (a user account) and a username, and in most cases also a password. Users employ the user interface to access systems.

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