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Saint Justine College of Asia

Library System for Fortunato F. Halili National Agricultura School

A Project
Presented to
The faculty of Saint Justine College Of Asia
In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Information Technology

Michael Bugtong
Jasmin Evangelista
Michael Magalona
Chona Valeros
John Christoper Teodoro
Marwin Casimiro

Jocelyn M. Gamo
Project Adviser

March 2014

An important part of software development in the information system application area is the new generation technique. It was identified as an action research in developing the proposed system which is the “Action Research” is design in putting up a library system that will fit to the needs of the “Fortunate F. Halili National School” this study enables the book keeper’s hassle – free from manual searching and manual jotting down borrower’s transactions

This Action Research is design by the information technology students of Saint Justine College of Asia namely, Michael Bugtong who is will serve as the programmer; Michael Magalona who will act as a system analyst; Jasmin Evangelista and Chona Valeros who will be the researcher of the group; John Christoper Teodoro and Marwin Casimiro who will be the documentary.

Most of the references used nowadays and never fades are books. People who need it purchase this reference material while some borrow from a public or private library. In a library where many transactions are being process, there are methods that the LIBRARY ADMINISTRATION used to make things work faster and easier. One of the methods used by the librarians and book keepers is the LIBRARY SYSTEM. It is an arrangement used to coordinate and manage library books, borrowers and users in the easiest way There were several libraries inquired and research by the researchers used a different kind of library system. In Toronto Public Library, the largest public library in Toronto, Canada, uses mechanics in the library system to track transactions (Toronto Public Library). While on the National Library, Philippines uses an on-line access for their transactions, (National Library). Some LIBRARY SYSTEM examples researched by the researchers is the LIBRARY CLASSIFICATION wherein it uses call numbers base on the books that they are classified (Wikipedia, 2014). Another example is the Dewey Decimal System founded by Mr. Dewey where it uses numbers and codes in book numbering for it to be easily found (Wikipedia, 2014). In lieu with the information given above, the researchers want to establish a new and systematic of a library system. This study aims to detailed and illustrate a way of putting up a computerized LIBRARY SYSTEM with the use of a simple programming language, VISUAL BASIC.

We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to Saint Justine College of Asia and Fortunato F. Halili National Agricultural School as well as to Mr. Roger Ilejay, Mr. Emmanuel Valdez, Mr. Angelo Romulo Cruz, Mrs. Ma. Luz Bayani, Mrs. April Co, and also to our instructor Mrs. Jocelyn Gamo who gave us the opportunity to do this system and action Research entitled “Library System” which also helped us in doing a lot of research. We came to know about so many things that is why we are really thankful to them.

This library System is made and develops for the School of Fortunato F. Halili National Agricultural School. This system helps to facilitate or to search the book easier and faster. We are committed to providing the library users with a positive experience that starts with a successful implementation. This system helps to facilitate or to search easier because it is a computerized, organize and moderate. It easy to provide step by step assistance export data from your existing system and upload your data. it easy to process and transferring data....
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