Library System

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Background of the Study
Christian Family Center School Foundation, an institution located in 58 Sto. Domingo St. Barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City is composed of Elementary and high school. Christian Family Center School Foundation uses manual way in operating their library. Library is regarded as the brain of any institute; many institutes understand the importance of the library to the growth of the institute and their esteem users (students).  Library system that offers many flexible and convenient features, that allows librarians and library users to maximize time and efficiency. Library System gives the all detailed information about students, staff and books. It will track on the how many books available in library and books issued to the students. It shows popular book among the students. It will provide book lost in library. Library is derived from the old French “libraries” which means “a collection of book”. Reading materials in a school are stored in libraries. The Library is a place in which books and related materials are kept for use but not for sale. It is also organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution or a private individual. In addition, it is a place in which we get information in different formats and from many sources. The library must be neat so that it is conducive for learning. It is the place where students and researchers go to in order to find all the questions to their queries and ultimately find answers. It is therefore the role of a librarian to keep the place as clean and as orderly as possible. It is also his duty to keep safe all information related to library transactions like the ins and outs of books.

Statement of the Problem
Based on the conducted interview and observations, the group had come up with the following problems being encountered by the project. The study seeks to answer the following problems:
1. They spend more time in recording the inventory of the books and also in recording the transactions of borrowing. 2. Possible of losing the records.
3. The authorized person exerts more effort in this manual ways. 4. The records are unorganized.
Objectives of the Study
The following are the objectives aimed by the researchers to create a useful Library Management System to the proponents, Christian Family Center School Foundation. 1. To be able to develop a system that helps the school library to secure the information/data inputted. Only the authorized person can access the system. 2. To be able to minimize the time and effort of the person who is in charge in searching books. 3. To be able to minimize the possibility of losing the data. 4. To be able to have an organized data in library.

Scope and Limitations
The scope of the program is you can easily record the books being barrowed by the students. It also has a very user-friendly interface. Thus the users will feel very easy to work on it. The software provides accuracy along with a pleasant interface. Make the present manual system more interactive, speedy and user friendly. The transaction reports of the system can be retried as and when required. Thus, there is no delay in the availability of any information, whatever needed, can be captured very quickly and easily. Although this proposed system benefits the users, it also has its limitations. First the system is connected into a network. Only one can computer at a time can access the system. Second, the person that can access the system is limited (Librarian/Staff).

Significance of the Study
This IT project intends to provide an accurate and effective Library Management System which will benefit the following: Librarian/Staff, the librarian handles the monitoring of information in the library. It will lessen the time, enhance the level of work, help its processes more reliable and efficient, and provide accuracy and security of data information. Students, students can borrow and return books in the library....
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