Library System

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Technologies are important and helpful in everyone’s life. Computers help people to do such things or tasks easily and faster. Technology has a systematic and organized way of keeping data records, computing numbers, accomplishing a lot of transactions and reports. A system of a library is made to have a fast process of transactions for searching book titles, borrowing books, returning books, computing penalties and generating an accurate report.

Aguilar Catholic School, High school department is located at Poblacion Aguilar, Pangasinan. It is a religious school and the religion of all the students and staffs is Roman Catholic and their library is open for them. It has a collection of books, magazines, journals, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reading materials. The library is still using a card catalogues in searching books and the librarian is still using manual transaction for borrowing, returning and generating reports.

Using a manual process is a hard work and because of it the librarian is having a problem to serve each students and faculties who wish to use the library.

Aguilar Catholic School is using a record book to track borrowed books from the library. The librarian will write down the book being borrowed, borrower, book information, date borrowed and the date returned. A penalty is given to the borrower if he/she loses the book; the due date of returning of the book has ended. The penalty for losing a book depends on the amount of the book and if the borrower returned the book after its due date the penalty is 10 pesos. The proponent observed a lot of errors occurring in their manual system. The librarian is having difficulty working in the library and the borrowers are having difficulty in searching the book.

General Objective
The general objective of this project is to develop and implement a LAN base library system with barcode for Aguilar Catholic School to improve their processes and operations that will make transactions and the generation of reports accurate, fast and easy.

Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of the project are the following:
* To design a prototype that will be easy to navigate interface * To develop a library system that will encourage students to use the library as the main source of information. * To develop a system that will be secured by applying user ID and password so that authorized persons can only access the important tasks. * To develop a system that will make use of barcode scanner, thus remove the filling up of different forms, for more rapidly borrowing and returning transactions. * To develop a system that will make cataloguing simpler. * To develop a system that will make searching of the available books and other reference materials in the library easy for the students. * To make a system that will make inventory of books and other reference materials reduce time consuming. * To develop a system that will produce accurate annual and quarterly statistical reports fast. * To test and evaluate the acceptability of the system in terms of functionality, reliability, usability and so on by gathering feedback from prospective users and technical experts.

* Scope of the Project
Since Aguilar Catholic School doesn’t have any computerized system, the scope of the project will include the system will make use of the barcode technology so the students and employees will only have to use their IDs when making a transaction, which is more convenient. The project include; the following features: Easy to navigate Interface; capability to search for the available title, author and subject of the book; compute the fine of the book when it is overdue; Inventory of books and other reference materials; and the generation of reports that they are making which are annual and quarterly statistical reports. The project will include student, employee’s alumni ledger, which will list all the...
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