Library Management System

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
1.1 Introduction
Chapter 2
2.1 History
2.2 Background of the Study
Chapter 3
3.1 Statement of the problem
3.1.1 Major Problem
3.1.2 Minor Problem
Chapter 4
4.1 Objectives of the Study
4.1.1 General Objectives
4.1.2 Specific Objectives
Chapter 5
5.1.1 Scopes
5.1.2 Limitations
Chapter 6
6.1.1 Manual System
6.1.2 Computerized System
Chapter 7
7.1 Significance of the Study
7.2 Conclusion and Justification
Chapter 8
8.1 Recommendation

1.1 Introduction

The LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a data processing to perform routine Library activities. This system is concerned with developing a library management system using visual basic. In this system the library management becomes more efficient and easier to handle with its reliable system components. Library system was developed in order to make computerized the borrowing and returning of books, return books, and add books, search books and special tools.

1.2 History

The school used to be an annex of Morning Breeze Elementary School under Ms. Aurora P. Serrano in the S.Y. 1964-1965. There were four (4) grade one classes with an enrolment of more than one hundred (100) pupils per class. and S.Y. 1965-1966,the school was given the name Bagong Barrio Primary School. Because classes from grade one to four (I-IV) were operational but it was still under its mother school the Morning Breeze Elementary School. Due to the ever growing school population.

In 1966-1967 classes and teachers were increased to 17.During the S.Y. 1967-1968 ,more classes were opened increasing the teachers to 27.During that year, number of teachers rose to 43. The said building was used during the S.Y. 1968-69, when grade 5 classes were opened. And during the S.Y. 1969-70, (4) grade six pupils were added, all set up for its initial graduation at the end of the year. In 1971-1972,two Marcos type buildings, six rooms were put up and more student population, increasing the teaching force to 79. In the year 1973-1974, 2 more Marcos type building, six rooms were put up with additional teachers rising to 81. And so on .During the time of the school principal in 2003-2008, Mrs. Abigail S. Ignacio, A 3-storey 6-room buildings were constructed through the effort of Mayor Enrico Echiverri, this was called RECOM II Building. In July 2008, The new principal, Mrs. Aida U. Reyes, exerted her effort to ask the assistance of Mayor Echiverri for a construction of a covered court and followed by the construction of new comfort rooms for boys and girls located in NHA building. Some teachers who started the school had already retired and new, young talented teachers came in to continue the work of the pioneer teachers. Today with 4,848 pupils and 109 teachers, BBES is still growing with the supporting hand of our school and government officials whose aim is to give quality education to our pupils.

1.3 Background of the Study

Based on our study and observations, they usually use manual processing in their Library System because they often use only on Library Card and a pen itself that leads then to commit errors for it. The difference between the manual and computerized system to have an accurate and easiest way of recording of librarian in to all student who had been borrow books in the library and in computerized system would surely records all to the books who had been borrowed and to those who borrowed books.

1.4 Statement of the Problem
1.4.1 Major Problem
Manual keeping of Books
They only use an index card that keeps the information about the records regarding the books and students (borrowers), check the books manually, keep records on issued books etc. all these things have to be carried out manually.

1.4.2 Minor problem Lost of Books...
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