Library Management System

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As time continues to run, our world keeps getting more advance and modernize and until now, it doesn’t stop. One of the finished products of modernization is the machine called “COMPUTER”. We know that the most useful technology is the computer. Computer is widely used device in every aspect of today’s world. Because of its powerful usage, people rely on what computer can do instead of human ability to do it manually. Using computer is known globally not just the computer literates but also to the average people. They make use of it as a need of today’s creation and also to withstand the technologies being introduced that symbolizes the advantages of using it. Nowadays, time is very important that’s why big and small companies view time as one of the first thing to prioritized before starting a business. Investing of computers is another way to save time. It also means less effort and fewer expenses, which will help the company to optimize their production.Most of the actions in our generation today is manipulated or done by the computers. An outlook to the environment of the system of each school basically revolves in two aspects: manual and computerized, though computerized systems are the most commonly used systems in schools as of this moment it is evident that there are still some work that needs to be covered and there has to be a system that rotates all the work corresponding to the flow or process of borrowing books in the library. Through this system it enables task to interact in one given application to shorten the process. The proposed system aims to use the modernized way in borrowing and returning of books in the library. This system helps lessen the hasslement of the students and the librarian in borrowing and returning of books. So we come up on this system.


Rationale of the Study

Proponents choose this Library Management System because of several problems regarding of their current system which is manual type transaction. We found out that most of the library had difficulties in keeping the records of books being borrowed. If they have lost the records of books they will had a hard time to recall the students who had borrowed the books. This study will help librarians improve their current transaction. Implementing this system helps students from hassle free and an easy way of borrowing and returning of books. Library Management System is also another way of creating an atmosphere of good relationship between students and librarians. With this reality, the proponents came up with an idea to develop an advanced Web-based application Computer Operating System. This could be a break-through for a modern process from manual system into computerized system that can produce a more organized reliable and user-friendly application which will access the web using personal computer. Purpose and description of the project:

The purpose of this study is to create a library system that will serve as a reliable tool during borrowing and returning books. In such a way, the process is fast and convenient not only to the librarian but also to the students or the staff of the school during borrowing and returning of books.

Objective of the Project

The objective of this study is to make and develop a study that lessens the problem encountered during the manual process of borrowing and returning of books. In such a way, the process is fast and convenient not only to the librarian, but also to the students. In order to attain this, there are some specific objectives: To let students borrow and return books in an easier process. To make it easy to save any record

To make the librarian easier to process

Scope and Limitations

The proposed system for Library Management System focuses on:

Significance of the Study
As a student, being the main participants will gain knowledge and experience to improve our skills. This project is a major requirement...
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