Library Management System

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Enrollment No: 1371000980
Course: BCA
Project Title: Trains: At A Glance

This is to certify that the project work entitled {Trains : At A Glance } is a bonfires work done by Name (Nandan Kumar Singh) Reg. No. ( _______________________________ ).In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the [B.C.A] during the academic year [2010-2013] is the original work of the candidate.

External examiner:Internal examiner:


I express my sincere thanks to Dr. S.B. Nageshwar Rao, the Director, Directorate of Distance Education, and Annamalai University who has given me the opportunity to pursue my [BCA]. I also express my thanks to [Mr. N.K. SINGH] Co-coordinator of the training center.

I would like thanks to my guide Mr. CHINTAN MAHTHA for his encouragement and guidance, which helped me in completing the project.

Finally I would like to thank my colleagues and friends who helped me in completing the project successfully.

Starting Up and Shutting Down
How to Take Work
Fact About the Software
What is its pros
What is its Cons
About the Administrator
Help Topics

-----------Trains: At A Glance-----------

Trains At A Glance is for anyone who wants to know about trains and its time table. Digitization of information is on the go and now a day everyone want information in digital form. Since there are to many advantage of digital data is spreading day-to-day. About:Our goal is to provide a collection of information together about trains available in India to help those who want information offline as well as in digital form. We believe to save time and our first priority to provide an interface to pour information in less time. The interface provided here are well designed to interact you and easy to understand. We are focused to maintain fast functionality and easy to understand so that extravagant design and full of colors is not available here .

-----------Trains: At A Glance-----------

Minimum requirement to run this software:
Hardware Requirement | At least 100mb free Hard disk space,at least 256 Mb RAM , x86 or x64 based microprocessor, a mouse . | Software Requirement | Java at least update, Oracle 10.2.0 or later ,any operating system that support JVM can run this software |

-----------Trains: At A Glance-----------Documentation:

About the Software:
This software is fully developed in Java and all its data is maintained by Oracle Database. Since oracle and java both are available in all platform it can be run in any other platform ,too.

Graphical user Interface:
Today Graphical User Interface is used to interact with the user and it is powerful so we have tried to provide a GUI which can help user for rapid information.

Combo box : Combo Box are used to provide a collection of information in a list that is predefined by the programmer either in initial mode or run time. It makes a software more fast to use , rapid work to the user and makes error free work. Here Combo Box is used to provide all the station name available in India. Combo Box:Upper combo Box provide Train type and down combo Box “Day Of Journey” provide Day to journey.

Button: After clicking on the button “Search train” starts searching trains as output result. Label: It shows the name if Combo Box type and work.
Panel: It Combine component to a container .
Menu Bar: It keeps menu in the top of the window.
Menu: It provide to user some advanced options.
Scroll Bar: If Resultant information is larger than the window size is lets user to scroll up – down ,right – left.

++++++++++++++: Codding Section :++++++++++++++++
Software codes that instruct computer to perform task is given here :

package myapp;
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