Library Management System

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Open Source Library Management System
Software: A Review
Sangsuree Vasupongayya, Kittisak Keawneam, Kittipong Sengloilaun, Patt Emmawat

materials), cataloging (i.e., classifying and indexing of
materials), circulation (i.e., lending and receiving of materials) and serials management (i.e., managing magazine and
newspaper information. The second component is an
interlibrary load management system. Because a library may
not have a hold of all materials required, an interlibrary loan is a way for its patron to request such materials from other
libraries. The last component is a system to manage electronic materials and digital media.
In addition to the above three main components, a library
management system software package must contain a
commonly shared components such as a user account
management feature, a security component, an alert system
feature, an accounting system for billing and producing
statistical reports or other administrative decision support materials. Thus, the overview picture of the four main
components of a library management system software package
is presented in Figure 1.

Abstract—Library management systems are commonly used in
all educational related institutes. Many commercial products are available. However, many institutions may not be able to afford the cost of using commercial products. Therefore, an alternative solution in such situations would be open source software. This paper is focusing on reviewing open source library management system

packages currently available. The review will focus on the abilities to perform four basic components which are traditional services, interlibrary load management, managing electronic materials and basic common management system such as security, alert system and statistical reports. In addition, environment, basic requirement and supporting aspects of each open source package are also mentioned.

Keywords— open source, library management, review.



IBRARY is defined as a place in which books,
manuscripts, recordings, films, or reference materials are
kept for private or public uses. Typically, a library must
be able to handle some housekeeping information such as
acquisition, interlibrary loan, cataloging, circulation, serials management, statistical reports and references. A library
management system software package is designed especially
to handle such housekeeping tasks. A rapidly growing of
information technology adds some features to library
management system software packages such as features to
handle digital media, e-book, e-journals, online public access catalog (OPAC), a feature to connect and exchange
information with a digital library system, an ability to connect with networks of libraries, machine-readable cataloging
(MARC) standard [7] support and Z39.50 standard [8]
In an article wrote by D. Chudnov [6] the founder of the
Open Source Systems for Libraries project, three pilot libraryrelated open source software projects were mentioned. These projects are the three main comments of library management
system software packages. The first component is a traditional service such as acquisitions (i.e., ordering, receiving of

Loan (ILL)



Common support components
User account management
Accounting system
Alert system
Figure 1 Library management system software components
In the past decade, many commercial products are made
available. Examples of widely used commercial products
include Millennium [1] from Innovative Interfaces,
HORIZON [2] from SirsiDynix, ALEPH [3] and Voyager [4]
from Ex Libris, and a list of products and vendors can be
found from several sources such as [5],[9]. Many libraries,
however, may not be able to afford these commercial
products. Furthermore, some libraries may have their own

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