Library: Coffee and Architecture Building Lobby

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Listen to a conversation between a librarian and a student in the university library.

Librarian: Excuse me...

Student: Yes?

L: I'm sorry, but you can't drink coffee in here.

S: Huh? Wha...why?

L: I'm sorry, but food and beverages can't be consumed in the university libraries at any time.

S: Why? It's not hurting anybody...

L: No, but it might hurt the books. There's always the danger that you might spill it on library materials.

S: But-- I'm not using any library materials. I'm just uh, studying my class notes and uh, writing this paper. How could I spill coffee on any library stuff?

L: Another student could easily sit down here and start working next to you. Or someone passing could just knock your cup over onto themselves. Accidents do happen.

S: But I'm being careful. I'll set it over here, see? And keep to myself-- and not use any "library materials", OK?

L: Look, many people here are using our books and other materials. We cannot monitor each person's activity all the time they're here. That's why we just don't permit drinks in the library. I'm afraid that you'll just have to take it outside.

S: But look-- it's got a screw cap on it. With just this little drinking slot-- and the slot has a cover, too, see? I couldn't possibly spill this if I tried. Watch this!-- (The student knocks over the coffee container.)

L: OH! Oh, for heaven's-- Don't do that again! Look. I don't have time to discuss this with you any further. You'll have to take your coffee outside, or you'll have to dispose of it immediately-- or you'll have to leave the library. Is that clear?

S (raising his voice): OK, OK. So, I guess we live in a police state on this campus, eh? Geez! And I thought universities were supposed to be bastions of liberalism! Guess not!!...

L: Please keep your voice down. Others are trying to study. Young man, you're confusing liberalism with licentiousness. This is a simple rule. It is not onerous or inhumane....
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