Topics: Library, Books, Librarian Pages: 13 (2596 words) Published: October 9, 2014
Names of Proponents: Acosta, Edna L.
Javien, Jenny Q.
Repollo, Fhebee Lynne V.
Tan, John Michael L.

Title of Capstone Project: e-Library: An Online Library
Management System

`Venus L. Bascos
Critic Reader

Lester John Vinluan

Chapter 1
The Problem: It’s Background
Computer is almost in all places. It has changed how people work and the routine of the companies and procedures on other establishment. It is resourceful and performs wide variety of task. Computer increases productivity for both individual and organization because they are fast, accurate, able to process huge amounts of information and eliminate tedious task. It is an integral part of today’s society; it characterizes the future for many people. People have found the importance of computers in agencies and institutions whether private or public. This is especially true in universities and colleges. They are using computers in various processes. Before the evolution of computers all the details in a library used to be maintained manually. This is not advisable because maintenance and retrieval of information becomes tedious; data is not also reliable as it is hand written and some human errors might have occurred; data duplication can be occurred by repeating the same thing over and over; not more than one person can access data at the same time but in e-Library system many people can access the same data on the same time through internet; if manual record book is lost data will be completely lost. Modern computer have the capability of handling numbers of task with intelligent control over the whole process.

A library is a collection of books in which it is housed. It is organized by public body, an institution or a Librarian. The library in ABE International College of Business and Accountancy is in need of a system that can detect the students by tracing the student number and their records in the library, who are returning and borrowing books to monitor the books in the library. The librarian can check if the books in the library are available or not, if the books are returned on time or late, and can also check if a student insured penalty for not returning a book on time. Statement of the Objectives

The general objective of the project proposal is to develop an (E-Library) Electronic Library System that will facilitate better library that can manage and monitor the library returning and borrowing of the books in ABE International College of Business and Accountancy. Specifically, the study aimed to:

1. Determined the methods and procedures used in borrowing and returning of books in the library of ABE International College of Business and Accountancy. 2. Determined the problems encountered in borrowing and returning of books in the library of ABE International College of Business and Accountancy. 3. Developed a Library System to solve the manual procedures of signing in Log Book, Library card, and hand searching. It would also be simply to check-in/check-out books as well. 4. Validate the usefulness and performance of the library system for ABE International College of Business and Accountancy.

Significance of the Study
The following entities are the beneficiary of the developed Library System of ABE International College of Business and Accountancy.
To the Librarian, it provided a fast and reliable system in borrowing and returning of books. It could easily access how many books and title of the books needed, it can update how many books are there in all. It could easily check whether the borrower already returned the books on time, the time and date when the book was borrowed and how many books were borrowed on the same time.

To the Students, it encouraged them to research and study in the library, it lessen their time to do actual signing in Log Book of borrowing...
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