Liberty in North Korea

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Visual Argument: Website of a Non- Profit Organization, Liberty in North Korea Vishnu Pillai
October 16, 2013

Visual Argument


Liberty is the most valuable asset in a person’s life. It is a soul’s right to breathe. In this paper, I am going to discuss about the website of an organization, Liberty in North Korea, which helps people who are in utter need to gain their liberty.

Visual Argument
A Visual Argument of the Website: Liberty in North Korea (LiNK)

After researching the crises in North Korea, I was stuck with a very difficult question. What can be done about it now? What is the solution for people who are facing oppression and poverty under the North Korean Regime, Sitting thousand miles away and having no influence to do anything about it? Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) provided me the right answer. As mentioned in Wikipedia as well as in the official website, “Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is the only full-time grass roots organization in the North America devoted to North Korean Human rights and humanitarian crises.” I am going to analyze the LiNK’s website, which was good enough for me to explore their work and getting me involved to help the North Korean people.


Visual Argument
LiNK clearly states their claim in Why North Korea section: “Right now, 24 million people in North Korea face the most repressive regime in the world” They establish the grounds and gain readers interest by stating facts about North Korea like One-Fourth of North Korean is chronically malnourished due to poverty, how people are denied even the basic rights which we enjoy of free speech, free movement and information freedom. They focus on the fact that: “Every year, thousands of North Koreans risk their lives to escape political oppression and economic hardship. If trying to escape or caught in China and sent back, they are at risk of extremely harsh punishments.”

This website gives us the information...

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