Topics: The Pursuit of Happyness, Happiness, All You Need Is Love Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Uzuki Kakinuma
2B 9-25-12
Liberty Paper Draft
Uzuki Kakinuma
2B 9-25-12
Liberty Paper Draft

In Julia Alvarez’s story, she used a certain theme to talk about her past life. In this case the main theme was Liberty. Discussing about liberty is severely difficult because of the way each person interprets it. Is each person determined to obtain it? Liberty brings up many questions. But Alvarez’s story had one message that generally explained the meaning of liberty. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness end up being the most important element of life despite any injustice. Liberty may exist without misery, or hardship, but only with an opportunity. In the story, Papi says, “All liberty requires a sacrifice.” This may not always be the case. When obtaining freedom from unfortunate events, you’d think it would involve sacrifice. But, the whole point of liberty is that you can do whatever makes you happy without any feelings of disgrace. Once freedom from hardship is obtained, liberty can always be found in that fortunate chance for happiness. Pursuing happiness is human nature. As Papi said again when naming the dog, “We will call him Liberty. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”, the U.S constitutions says the exact same thing as what I believe in. Everyone strives for happiness in liberty. Although misfortune may make chasing liberty harder, once they obtain it, their lives will become much pleasurable. The girls in the story mentioned that she had not played with her friends. She was rather a tomboy, the live wire, or the troublemaker. The girl found happiness in that, and she didn’t care what the others told her to do. She said that once Liberty, the dog came along, she had someone to share her adventures, as if she had found her double in another species. Although her mother was against that idea, and that she should be like everyone else, Julia kept her thoughts straight and did whatever made her happy. I think that the dog reinforced...
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