Libertarian Theory V/s

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The Free Will

The Libertarian Theory

Because e n wi always be mightier than e sword

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The Libertarian Theory Media and Mindsets.

Indian media was initiated since the late 18th century with print media started in 1780, radio broadcasting initiated in 1927, and moving pictures in Bombay initiated during the July 1895, it is among the oldest and largest media of the world. And since then, Indian audience and the media share a unique bond unseen anywhere else in the world. It is a primary source of information, guidance and entertainment for the people of our country. Media has come a long way from authoritarian, controlled by the rulers to a liberal, free, democratic structure in recent times. Libertarian theory of the press has its roots in 17th Century Britain. It was born of three forces: the Renaissance spirit of open inquiry, the spread of the printing press, and revolution. This theory and practice has been the undercurrent of India, making and modifying culture as it went. Indian media—private media in particular— has been "free and independent" throughout most of its history. In 2011-12 India was ranked 131st out of 179th countries, which was a setback from the preceding year. But is the changing trend good for India or is it causing irreparable changes in the culture? Are we shown enough truth for us to make well-informed, sane decisions or are we being carried away by an alien voice that is not ours? Should the media be government controlled or are we mature enough to have a liberal outlook?

Libertarian theory v/s social responsibility theory
Wilbur Schramm once said that the libertarian movement was “foreshadowed in the 16th century, envisioned in the 17th century, fought for in the 18th century and finally brought into widespread used in the 19th century. John Milton, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison among others were the philosophers and writers who fully supported and lead the way for the libertarian theory. The theory also believes the media should serve as the ‘watchdog’ of the society. In doing this, the media in this concept (libertarian), tries to expose the wrongs of the government, murder, rape, robbery, theft, fraud and sensationalizing it to get more people to be loyal their products. Robert Maynard Hutchins, the chairman of the commission on freedom of the press, strongly followed that “freedom and responsibility go hand in hand and that the press should be periodically reminded of its responsibility”, thus, insisting that freedom and responsibility are different sides of the same coin. The SRT have most if not all of the characteristics of the libertarian theory. It is, in fact, believed to have come up when flaws began to be discovered in the Libertarian Theory. In both theories, the media is free from any governmental interruption. Freedom of expression and publishing is guaranteed. What makes the Social Responsibility Theory different from the libertarian theory is that, SRT seeks to make the media report the truth accurately, neutrally and objectively at all time. Truth is always the ultimate goal. Along with that, Credibility and transparency are other points that make SRT distinct from Libertarian theory. Libertarian Theory believes in making people aware of situations and events to the cost of sensationalism while Social Responsibility Theory chooses to stick to the actual facts and figures. Though both the theories have pros and cons, they are also the four pillars of media, neither can hold up communication...
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