Liberation War of Bangladesh

Topics: Bangladesh, Bangladesh Liberation War, Partition of India Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: May 7, 2013
In the present world, Bangladesh is known for many small, yet significant factors consisting of both the modern life and even historical sectors acclaimed by those who are fascinated by the arts and the culture of Bengal, before and during the time of the British colonies in India. Bangladesh is a country that is now recognized by many for its International Cricket team, cheap labor, growing crime rates, expanding garment industry, and a vastly populated Muslim centered country. For many countless things taken into account, this beautiful country, its laws, the business men and its leaders are underestimated and even mocked at various national and international levels. Bangladesh should be a highly developed country, and by now it would not be in the third world category. The only problem here is not the politicians or the corruption we see now. But to what we seek as the fact that the reality is inconspicuous by many, because of the losses the country had gained in the liberation war in 1971, a debt that still has not grown on it to be repaid. It is that Bangladesh would not be a 3rd world country if not for the liberation war. This war that is remembered by millions of Bangladeshis each year, for the brutal killings of their brothers and sisters. So, the question at hand how did Bangladesh came to be the country it is today, by name or by its delinquent reputation in corruption? The seeds of this whole big tree was slowly sown on August 14, 1947 when the Indian subcontinent was divided in three parts on the basis of religion to form two nations, India and Pakistan. The reason the two major religions divided, was that they could not live together. They wanted their own countries. Pakistan itself was composed of two different parts, the eastern wing known as East Pakistan and the western wing known as West Pakistan. Despite everything starting from the division of the countries, the main differentiations were noticed within the next four years as slowly the...
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